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Kids Braces

Kids Braces

how-braces-workAre you considering braces for your child? When we think of kids braces, plenty of misconceptions come to mind: noticeable, uncomfortable and bulky metal. With the modern, discreet braces of today, these things are no longer true.

Kids Dental Group Orthodontists offer a variety of virtually invisible, comfortable braces that your kid will feel confident in. We offer three treatment options: metal braces, crystal clear braces & invisible aligners.

At Kids Dental Group, kids braces are not the cumbersome mouthpieces you imagine. Your child can personalize their braces by changing the colour of their elastic bands. Alternatively, some kids prefer the crystal clear braces. We encourage children to communicate their desires for their look to ensure that they are confident and happy through the entire time they have braces.

We’re sure that you have many more questions about your kid’s braces and we are here to answer them.

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