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deserve braces!

Braces from $49 a week

Braces from $49 a week

Nothing warms the heart more than seeing your child smile. So it only makes sense that you want your child to have the best smile possible… bright, aligned, and healthy. And for that…you’ve come to the right place. We realize that braces can be a costly task – even with insurance. However, Kids Dental Group believes that ALL KIDS should be able to have orthodontic treatment. Don’t let the high cost of braces deter you. Kids Dental offers you the opportunity to give your child a more beautiful, confident smile for as low as $49 a week – including retainers. That’s right…

Braces as low as $49 a week including retainers.

Kids Dental offers you special financing that won’t leave you financially strained. With our ‘ALL KIDS Deserve Braces’ program, we make braces affordable for everyone by extending financing with low monthly payment plans.

No money down, no interest and no credit check.

Kids Dental uses only the highest-quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques. There are several options when choosing braces for your child, including Empower System braces, Invisalign, and Radiance Clear Braces. Read more about the types of braces here.

Do you have orthodontic insurance?  If so our team will work with you and your insurance provider to figure out how to best utilize your coverage.

Two Specialties. One goal. Your child’s perfect smile.

Kids Dental. Pediatric dentistry and Orthodontics. Like the dynamic duo of dentistry…working together to provide your child a beautiful and healthy smile.

Dr. Krista Lee, Dr. Anthony Antoniazzi and the entire Kids Dental team are dedicated to giving your child a perfect smile. Schedule an appointment with Stouffville’s favourite orthodontist, where we can determine the best course of action that will leave you and your child smiling (now, also in Richmond Hill).

Giving your child a more beautiful smile begins with a FREE Orthodontic consultation.

No referral necessary. Complete and submit the appointment request form below. We’ll contact you soon to confirm your appointment.

Go ahead. Smile.

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