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Kids Dental Group – awarded Best Orthodontist!

Kids Dental Group – awarded Best Orthodontist!



Readers’ Choice awarded Kids Dental Group – Soutffville, Best Orthodontist four years in a row!

Does your child need braces?

Your child’s smile is one of the first things people will notice about them. An attractive smile has the ability to instill confidence in your child and over-all self-esteem. So if you think your child may need braces to ensure an amazing smile, the team of experienced orthodontic specialists at Kids Dental can help.

As parents, it may not be obvious that your child needs orthodontic treatment. If you recognize one of these common symptoms or conditions you should consider making an appointment with your child to see us for a Free Braces Consultation:

  • Your baby lost their baby teeth early, or late
  • Your child has a hard time chewing or biting food
  • Your child breathes through their mouth
  • Your child sucks their fingers or thumb
  • Your child has crowded, misplaced, or blocked teeth
  • Your child’s teeth come together abnormally, or not at all
  • Your child’s jaw and teeth are not proportionate to the rest of their face

Frequently Asked Questions regarding braces

What’s the best age to get braces?

Every child’s needs are different when it comes to the timing of braces. One of the main determining factors is what sort of issues need to be addressed for your child; do they have crowding, spacing, a large overbite?

The second determining factor is how are your child’s teeth developing. Dental age and chronological age do not always coincide so we may see a 9 year old with all of their permanent teeth or a 14 year old that still has their baby teeth. There is a window of opportunity for the ideal timing of treatment for your child which is why the Association of Orthodontists recommends ortho check ups at Age 7. This is not so that braces can go on at this time but it’s to get a baseline and to have an orthodontist monitoring the growth and development of your child so that you will know when the best time is for your child.

How long does my child have to wear braces?

Every situation is unique however braces on average take approximately 2 years until the grand reveal of the beautiful smile you or your child deserve. Very mild cases may take as few as six months.

What is it like to have braces put on your teeth? Does it hurt?

The great news is that braces have come along way. Now with flexible wires and gentle forces, braces are a lot more comfortable than they were in the past. We always tell our patients, it’s like getting a new pair of shoes. Your feet have to break in the new shoes, and your cheeks and lips need to get use to the fact that you have braces in you mouth. After a few days you won’t even notice they are there. In addition, getting braces never requires freezing injections or drilling.

How much do braces cost?

We strive to make braces affordable for all families, please come in for a complimentary consultation so we can determine exactly what your child needs. Kids Dental offers very flexible payment plans to work within your budget. Payments can be as low as $49/week.

Do you offer payment plans?

Kids Dental offers very flexible payment plans to work within your budget. Payments can be as low as $49/week with no interest.

Does dental insurance cover the cost of braces?

Many families have dental insurance through their employers or as individuals/families. This insurance usually covers orthodontic treatment for children up to age 18. Please call your insurance company to check on the details or let us know if we can help you in any way.

Do you offer Invisalign or other kinds of braces that are not so visible?

Yes! Kids Dental is a Preferred Provider.

What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

Orthodontists actually become dentists first. Then they complete an additional 2-3 years of full time post-graduate training to become an Orthodontist. Only then are they given the designation of Certified Specialist in Orthodontics. They’re experts at correcting dental and facial irregularities – day in and day out we help jaws develop properly and have the skills required to manage tooth movement. We work to help make sure your child achieves an amazing and health smile. Your child deserves the

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