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Two Specialties. One Goal. Your Child's Perfect Smile


Pediatric and Orthodontic Specialists

The opportunity to create a beautiful smile for your child is not something we take lightly. We understand your need to make sure the fit is perfect between your child and the dental practice you choose. There’s a lot to consider when selecting a pediatric dental or orthodontic specialist. Is the practice fully qualified for pediatric dentistry? What kind of environment do they offer? Will my child feel safe? What happens when they need braces? Do they handle general dental needs as well? And so on.

Rest assured, as a dual-specialty dental clinic (Pediatric and Orthodontic Specialists), Kids Dental can seamlessly treat your child from their first dental exam right through their teens – from checkups and cleanings, to fillings and braces.

Pediatrics – Making Your Little One Feel Special

Young children need knowledge to feel safe. We find that building an open and honest relationship with your child is key to reducing fear and anxiety of the unknown and contributes to a lifetime of dental health. So we explain everything to them so they know exactly what is going on during their appointments.

We’re genuinely interested in their lives and love to hear about their accomplishments outside of the clinic. Taking the time to listen to their  is to make them feel special and try to be the best part of their day.

Your child will also enjoy the fun, modern environment we’ve created for them to ensure that they’re comfortable, happy, and actually look forward to coming into the office.

Improving Lives With Orthodontics

Another benefit of our dual-specialty dental clinic is the synergistic collaboration of the pediatric dentist and orthodontist. The ongoing sharing of new information between both specialties is critical, as is the coordination of pediatric dental and orthodontic treatment. The end result of this alliance is a consistently higher level of dental care for your child.
Braces can help boost your child’s self-confidence through a beautiful smile. Every child is different, so each treatment will be customized to their particular needs and, as a result, treatment times can vary from child to child. Knowledge of their life helps us determine what orthodontic treatments would best fit their situation.
Understand that not every dentist is qualified to practice orthodontics. Orthodontic dentists have additional education and qualifications on top of the standard dental training. The Kids Dental orthodontist team is set up to take care of all orthodontic needs for your child in-house. Whether it is taking care of braces, fitting a retainer, making a mouth guard, or more, our orthodontic team is ready to help you.

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