It is very important to us at Kids Dental Group that we understand the specific needs of our various little patients. If your child has special needs, rest assured we are dental specialists specifically trained to handle a variety of children with special care required. We also have the specialized equipment to ensure that they have safe and comfortable dental procedures.

Children with physical, developmental, behavioural or emotional conditions, require more extensive dental services for various reasons. Some have genetic disorders that cause delays or irregularities in tooth development, like malformations or extra teeth, which cause crowding or difficulty caring for them.

Your child’s dentist will make sure to take detailed health history of your child’s specific case to make certain he/she gets the best treatment plan. We tailor our approach to any particular sensitivities or day-to-day challenges to ensure your little one is actively a part of his/her oral hygiene program and doesn’t feel like it’s too hard to do.