Complimentary Consultations at Kids Dental

At Kids Dental, we are committed to excellence and personal customer service. Drs. Lee and Antoniazzi, as well as our entire team, enjoy spending the time to communicate and educate our patient and parents to ensure they understand their treatments, so they can make informed decisions and feel comfortable with their orthodontic experience.

One of our commitments is meeting with you to help you explore all or the options available to you or your child. Drs. Lee and Antoniazzi offer complimentary consultations for those interested in orthodontic treatment. During this time, you’ll have time reserved with Drs. Lee and Antoniazzi, who will assess your particular needs as well as discuss treatment options available and answer any questions you may have. We place a high value on making sure you have complete information before beginning treatment.

If you have been thinking about obtaining the dazzling smile you’ve always wanted, we invite you to give us a call at our Stouffville office:905 642 3642.

See you soon!

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