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Invisalign Facts & Fiction

Fiction: Invisalign can be used to correct all orthodontic problems.

Fact: The technology continues to improve and get better, but there are still some complex cases that cannot be treated as efficiently or effectively with Invisalign. Not all orthodontic candidates are optimal candidates for Invisalign.

Fiction: It doesn’t matter where I get Invisalign or who provides it.

Fact:It is just a tool that dentists use to straighten teeth. The manufacturer does not diagnose or develop a treatment plan for patients. In order to be sure your treatment is a success, it is important to visit a dentist who uses it and is experienced in using this technology.

Fiction: It does not hurt, and/or hurts less than regular braces.

Fact: Anytime pressure is placed on teeth, they will get sore. You will experience some discomfort from any orthodontic treatment, however discomfort may feel different to an Invisalign patient in comparison to a patient with braces.

Fiction: Invisalign will fix my teeth faster than braces will.

Fact: It doesn’t matter whether you use plastic aligners or metal wires to move your teeth, healthy teeth movement occurs at the same speed and the length of an orthodontic treatment is fully dependent on the patients case.

Fiction: It is going to cost me much more than regular braces will.

Fact: Many providers do charge more for Invisalign but there is reasoning for this. There is a large lab fee that must be paid to Align Technology (the manufacturer) at the beginning of the treatment. Plus the diagnosis and treatment plan, the appliance cost, chair time for appointments, and the retainers at the end of the treatment are all taken into consideration with the treatment fee.

All these steps mentioned above are the same for both treatments, but the higher lab fee for Invisalign is what can play into the higher costs associated with this treatment.

All in all, it is important to realize the facts about Invisalign treatment, and although it is a great, advanced alternative to braces. It is not best suited for every patient’s treatment. Consult your orthodontist about whether or not this treatment is best for you.

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