How Can Orthodontic Treatment Boost My Confidence As An Adult?

Straight teeth can boost self-confidence. Kids Dental Group offers several orthodontic treatments, some of which are virtually invisible to the eye such as Invisalign and clear braces. We will deliver the most discreet, painless treatment possible to give you a perfect smile.

Most adults agree that misaligned teeth can affect your self-esteem and damage your self-image. Damaged teeth can make you appear older than you are and distract from positive features of your face. For example, spaces in teeth can cause cheeks to sink into the mouth, leading to premature wrinkles and hallow cheeks.


Your teeth are one of the first things others see when meeting you and one of the things that they will remember from their first impression of you. Like make-up and hygiene, a great smile can give you the extra confidence boost you need to command attention, go after your goals and reach your full potential.

Embarrassment and awareness of the social stigma of bad teeth can have serious psychological repercussions on your well-being. Many people come up with ‘bandaid’ solutions for dealing with these issues. For example, you may cover your mouth with your hands or avoid eye contact with the person you are speaking with. These methods make you appear timid and uncomfortable.

Misaligned teeth can also make it difficult to pronounce certain words and sounds. You deserve to feel confident enough to communicate clearly with anybody. A bright, corrected smile will show the world that you care about your health and appearance.

A straight smile can better your health as well! Aligned teeth allow your jaw to rest in a comfortable and permanent position, preventing conditions such as grinding or temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). It is easier to clean straight teeth because you can access all of the surfaces and spaces between your teeth with brushing and flossing.

Our adult patients comment on how much more confident they feel taking part in their social interactions following orthodontic treatment. They are happy to laugh freely, have their pictures taken, and eat and speak with others.

Yes, At Kids Dental Group, we treat the big kids too too!

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