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Benefits Of A Dual-Specialty Practice

We love watching our little patients grow and develop into teenagers. But as they grow, they have different needs and require different services. As a dual-specialty practice in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, we cater to all of your child’s oral health needs and support them along their journey.

Here are three ways you and your child will benefit from our dual-specialty practice:

  1. Dentistry is a multifaceted discipline with many different aspects and concerns. In our office, our orthodontists and pediatric dentists understand the complexity of dental and orthodontic treatment. Having your pediatric dentist and orthodontist in the same office allows them to get a comprehensive look at all of your child’s dental concerns and put together a customized dental plan that works seamlessly. A dual-specialty office is the only way that your child’s dentist and orthodontist will get a full scope of their needs and work side-by-side to deliver an excellent patient experience.
  2. At Kids Dental Group, your child can go straight from their favourite pediatric dentist to an orthodontist that is also familiar with their concerns. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, caring environment that embraces your child and eases any worries they may have about their treatments. In our office, this experience doesn’t end with just one treatment. The same dentists and orthodontists will support your child for years to come. From their first visit to the dentist at 12 months to orthodontic treatment in their teenage years, your child will be greeted by the same caring, familiar faces every time they walk through our doors.
  3. Between picking the kids up from school, taking them to extra-curricular activities, and all of the other responsibilities of a parent, it can be difficult to schedule several different appointments in multiple locations. Our dual-specialty practice minimizes time and the pressure of making it to multiple appointments. We know that parents are ladened with over packed schedules and limitless concerns. When you bring your child into one of our offices, you can finally relax and be sure that they are in good hands.

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