The Right Time For A Child To See An Orthodontist

Parents often ask the question – ‘when should children see an orthodontist?’. In fact, according to Canadian and American Association of Orthodontists, children as young as seven years old are recommended to see an orthodontist for a checkup. In some cases, earlier than seven years old is acceptable, if their condition warrants an orthodontic checkup.

Sometimes, a child’s teeth may appear to be straight but there could be underlying problems that are not easily detectable. Only a professional can properly assess and examine to see if orthodontic treatment is needed. These underlying problems can affect the way permanent teeth erupt. Thumb sucking problems, tooth crowding, a misaligned bite, and jaw problems are some of the cases that if not checked could result in future permanent teeth problems. An orthodontist can carefully pinpoint the dental problems related to malocclusion or misalignment. They are experts in their field of study, and they help prevent potential problems for future adult teeth.

Around the age of seven years old, most of the permanent teeth have erupted, or most children have a combination of temporary and permanent teeth. During this period, an orthodontist can detect problems related to the jaw and permanent teeth growth.

It is easier to correct orthodontic issues when spotted early because the facial and jawbones are still growing. Unlike with adults, a child’s jaw position and width can be guided by orthodontists more easily. Adults have hardened jawbones, and this means orthodontic treatment can be more complex than for a child who is still developing.

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-The Kids Dental Group Team