Dental X-Rays for Children

Dental x-rays are an important diagnostic tool used in pediatric dentistry and dentistry as a whole. Dentists use x-rays to diagnose problems with your child’s teeth, which are not clearly visible during an oral examination. As parents, you might be concerned about the amount of radiation exposure your child gets from dental x-rays and so at Kids Dental Group, we gathered relevant information to help you become aware of the importance of x-rays to children’s oral health.

Based on the International Commission on Radiologic Protection, a dentist should adhere to the ALARA principle (As Low as Reasonably Achievable) when it comes to the use of dental x-rays. With this principle, necessary precautions are followed to ensure that exposures to x-rays are kept as low as possible and below the allowable limits and are justified with its benefits.

With children’s dental health, x-rays are only recommended when necessary following a thorough and complete dental and clinical examination. Dentists also use the CDA (Canadian Dental Association) guidelines that outline the possible clinical cases when dental x-rays are needed in diagnosing children’s dental problems.

By following the recommended principles and guidelines in using x-rays, dentists will be able to decide what type of imaging will be used, the frequency and interval of X-rays and the number of images need to be obtained when conducting x-rays on children.

If you have questions regarding dental x-rays for children, you can contact our office at Kids Dental Group. Our offices are located in Stouffville, Markham and Richmond Hill. Here at Kids Dental Group, we are here to help with your children’s dental health.

– The Kids Dental Group Team