When you think of the braces from your childhood, what do you imagine? Surely, what you think of are not the slim, comfortable, discreet adult braces that are available today. Orthodontic technology has improved enormously over the last two decades to improve the look and shorten treatment times.

At your first consultation, your Kids Dental Group Orthodontist will recommend three treatment options: traditional metal braces, crystal clear braces or Invisalign.

Traditional metal braces are the most common for a reason: they can correct a large variety of orthodontic issues. Braces work by placing consistent, gentle force in a precise direction to move your teeth to the corrected position. Your orthodontist will determine the length of time that you wear your braces.

Similar to traditional metal braces, ceramic clear braces can achieve amazing results. Instead of metal brackets, crystal clear brackets are placed on each tooth and connected by a wire. Unlike clear braces of the past, your ceramic clear braces will not stain with time. This means you are free to drink and eat what you’d like!