We are very proud to have Mango as a member of our team. She is a Certified Service Dog, specifically trained to work in the dental setting. She helps alleviate anxiety for many of our nervous dental patients, especially the young ones. No worries, if you are not a dog person, Mango is only here if her services are needed. Please feel free to come in and meet her- she’d love to shake a paw 🙂

Spotlight On Mango

Video: Dental facility dog calms kids at Richmond Hill clinic – CityNews Toronto

Meet Mango, Ontario’s first dental facility dog. She works four days a week at a Richmond Hill dental office, helping to relax kids and be a source of comfort during what might seem like a scary experience.

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Mango: First Facility Dog working in a dental setting in Ontario

On a typical day in the office, Mango will spend her time going from child to child, giving kisses and getting pets. She can usually be found lying down on a dentist chair with a child, or wagging her tail to cheer everyone else up.

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Mango is featured in CDA Essentials, the official print publication of Canadian Dental Association