Damon Clear Braces

Damon Clear Braces

Sometimes children and teenagers are hesitant to embrace the idea of braces because conventional braces can be somewhat uncomfortable and very noticeable. However, with the advancement of orthodontics today, clear braces without elastic ties are available now. Here at Kids Dental Group, we offer Damon Clear Braces as one of our many services.

Damon Clear Braces are self-ligating and eliminates the need for ligatures or module to keep the wires in place. Damon Clear is part of the innovative Damon System. It is a combination of tieless clear braces with high technology archwires.

If you want to have straight teeth and a perfect smile, Damon Clear Braces is clinically proven to move teeth fast and comfortably. With Damon Clear Braces, teenagers won’t feel as self-conscious in front of their peers because the braces are clear without elastic ties, which can sometimes yellow during treatment. These braces are discrete and resistant to staining all throughout the orthodontic treatment.

According to a journal research “Treatment time, outcome and patient satisfaction comparisons of Damon™ and conventional brackets,” from Clinical Orthodontics and Research, Damon system treatment is faster compared to conventional braces. Participants of the study also conveyed greater satisfaction in using Damon braces with fewer dental appointments.

Furthermore, Damon Clear Braces are more comfortable. They use tieless braces, which help minimize pain from tightening. To learn more about Damon Clear Braces, you can contact or visit us in Stouffville, Markham or Richmond Hill.

– The Kids Dental Group Team