Fluoride Use for Stronger Teeth

Fluoride Use for Stronger Teeth

There are a number of ways to fight against cavities and dental problems. One method of fighting against tooth decay is through fluoride treatment. If you’re wondering what fluoride is and how it affects your child’s teeth – you’ve come to the right place! Here at Kids Dental Group, we are here to help our little patients achieve optimum oral health.

Fluoride is a mineral that comes in different sources such as food, water, toothpaste, and mouthwash. According to research, the best way to fight cavities is by utilizing fluoride in different forms. With fluoride use, your teeth are more resistant to the effects of tooth cavities or decay. Fluoride helps strengthen your enamel and repair teeth damage before they become serious.

In general, two common forms of fluoride can help your kids to have stronger teeth. One is through drinking fluoridated water. Drinking water with fluoride helps build minerals that are essential in having a healthy oral mucosa. The other form is fluoride in toothpaste or mouth rinses. Dentists usually provide another form of fluoride. They can apply fluoride treatment on your kid’s teeth, and this can help their teeth become more resistant to bacteria and acids from food.

If you have any questions regarding fluoride use and treatment, you can contact or visit our kid’s dental offices in Stouffville, Richmond Hill and Markham.

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