What are Retainers?

What are Retainers?

Has your child finished wearing their orthodontic braces? If yes, then their next step to achieve a healthy smile with straight teeth is to wear retainers.

Retainers are tailor-made orthodontic devices that orthodontists usually recommend after wearing braces. Teeth have a natural tendency to shift or move back towards their original position after treatment. Therefore, if you want to prevent your child’s teeth from reverting back into their previous alignment, have your child follow their orthodontist’s advice when it comes to wearing retainers.

Retainers work by retaining teeth in their new position after wearing braces. They also help in stabilizing the gums and bones and your children’s bite. Wearing retainers will further ensure that teeth don’t crowd and shift due to lack of space.

Likely if your child requires retainers now, they may need to wear them for the rest of their lives. However, most children typically wear retainers for several years post braces. Retainer treatment can last a while, but most of the time your orthodontist will recommend them depending on your condition.

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