Top 10 Oral Health Tips for Children

Top 10 Oral Health Tips for Children

At Kids Dental Group, we are not only here to take care of your child’s oral care, but to also be a resource for parents. There is an abundance of information when it comes to taking care of your child’s health. When it comes to their oral health, we want them to start healthy habits from the beginning. Here are ten tips provided by the Ontario Dental Association to help!

1. Before your baby has teeth, wipe the gums down gently with a clean wet cloth after each feeding.

2. If your baby sleeps with a bottle or sippy cup at naptime or bedtime, fill the cup with water only.

3. If your baby normally falls asleep while feeding, brush their teeth before-hand.

4. Lift your baby’s lip and check for changes in colour, line or spots on your child’s teeth. These can be signs of potential problems.

5. For children from birth to 3 years of age, talk to your dentist about whether fluoridated toothpaste is appropriate for your child and how much to use.

6. From children 3 to 6 years of age, only use a small amount (pea portion) of fluoridated toothpaste. Children of this age should be assisted by an adult when brushing.

7. Floss at least once a day when your child’s teeth start touching.

8. Change your child’s toothbrush every one to three months, or immediately after an illness.

9. To prevent germs from spreading (which can cause tooth decay), do not put anything in your child’s mouth that has been in your mouth. This includes spoons, cups, food, toothbrushes etc. Sharing isn’t always caring!

10. Visit your dentist by the age of one year’s old, or when the first tooth appears. Your child should see the dentist regularly to make sure there are no problems!

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