Healthy Lunch, Healthy Smiles!

Healthy Lunch, Healthy Smiles!

A healthy lunch can help a healthy smile! When preparing back to school lunches remember to pack items full of nutrients that can also keep your child’s smile beautiful and strong.

Think of snack items such as veggies, fruits, yogurt and cheese. As opposed to candy or fruit snacks (which are often mostly sugar). You can cut sandwiches, fruits and veggies into fun shapes to keep kids excited to eat a healthy lunch.

A healthy diet is just part of good oral care. Help them keep up with good brushing habits at home. Be sure to also check in on your child’s oral health at Kids Dental Group! Our dental clinics are available to help your child’s smile in Richmond Hill, Markham and Stouffville. Contact us today. We look forward to lending a hand in keeping them healthy and happy!

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