Tips for Good Dental Care for your Child

Tips for Good Dental Care for your Child

Good oral care is essential for children, even though they will lose their baby teeth. When you start young, the habit should continue throughout the rest of their life. This being said, you should start brushing their gums as soon as you can, even before they get their first tooth.

This isn’t always easy. Here are some tips to help you through the early years of brushing and flossing your child’s teeth.

When you first start brushing your baby’s gums, you should use a soft toothbrush or a clean baby wash cloth. It is not necessary to use toothpaste yet. Water and brushing will be enough to clean the gums.

Start with baby toothpaste. This is made without fluoride, so it is safe for your child to swallow.

As your child learns to spit out his or her toothpaste, you can switch to one that has fluoride in it. Fluoride is essential for healthy teeth so you should try to switch toothpaste as soon as you can. However, you should use this toothpaste sparingly. They only need a small amount each time that they brush their teeth.

Continue to brush their teeth as they age. Since your younger children aren’t going to be as thorough as you would like, it is important that you continue to brush their teeth until they are older. You may let them start, but you should always give it a good scrub before they are done.

Make flossing just as important. Not many people enjoy flossing, but it is really essential if you want to have a healthy mouth. For this reason, you need to start this young. Buy floss with a handle so that the whole process is easier.

It is important to start your children off right if you want them to have a healthy mouth for their entire life. Start before they even get teeth and continue to help them brush their teeth throughout elementary school. Make flossing important also!

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