What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Checkup

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Checkup

If you have been postponing making your child’s first dental appointment, now is the time to make it a priority! It’s never too soon to start thinking about how to keep your little one’s pearly whites healthy and strong. You may be surprised to learn that as soon as your baby’s first tooth pops through you can begin scheduling routine dental appointments for them. Even if your child already has a mouth full of teeth, though, becoming familiar with their dentist is an important step in maintaining good oral health habits that will last a lifetime. Here’s what you can expect at your child’s first dental checkup.

Getting to Know Your Child’s Dentist

Depending on your child’s age and comfort level, you will be able to hold your child in your lap or stand next to their chair while the dentist and his staff examines their mouth. Along with ensuring your little one is comfortable and relaxed, the dentist will ask you about any concerns you may have, such as teething or thumb sucking. It’s a good idea to write any questions you have down ahead of time, so you don’t forget if something specific has been on your mind. If your child cooperates, the dental team may take x-rays of your child’s mouth to make sure things are developing well below their gum line. This process is usually quick and painless.

Your Child’s Exam & Cleaning

After the initial introduction and x-rays comes the exam itself. Your child’s dentist will count their teeth, look for any tooth decay, and inspect their gums, bite, and jaw. Once the exam is complete, the hygienist will professionally clean your little one’s teeth with a fluoride paste to ensure they are in tip-top shape before you leave. Don’t forget to schedule their next six-month appointment on your way out!

At Kids Dental Group, we pride ourselves on making your child’s experiences with the dentist as pleasant as possible. To schedule your little one’s first dental appointment at one of our convenient office locations in Markham, Richmond Hill, or Stouffville, call us today!

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