Tips From a Dentist Near Me: 4 Reasons to Schedule Your Child’s Pre-Kindergarten Dentist Visit Now

Tips From a Dentist Near Me: 4 Reasons to Schedule Your Child’s Pre-Kindergarten Dentist Visit Now

The school year is quickly slipping away, and summer will be here before you know it. If you have a little one getting ready to start kindergarten in the fall, chances are, you have a full schedule filled with things you need to take care of. Have you thought about putting a dentist appointment on your child’s schedule? Consider these key reasons to schedule that pre-kindergarten dental visit now.

1. Preparing ahead of time can help decrease anxiety.

Your child may have a lot of appointments coming up, including a pre-kindergarten medical appointment, a dentist visit, or a visual screening. Preparing your child ahead of time–and getting them excited about it!–can help avoid a lot of anxiety. If you let those appointments wait until the last minute, when you’re going to be rushed, it may increase your child’s anxiety.

2. You want a worry-free summer to enjoy.

Your child’s last summer before kindergarten is a precious time. You don’t want to spend it hurrying around, trying to get those appointments taken care of! Instead, schedule that pre-kindergarten appointment now, leaving your summer free for long, lazy days of enjoyment with your family. Your children are growing faster than you’ve imagined, and you want to make the most of this precious time.

3. Scheduling that appointment now will give you time to get on top of any problems.

If your dentist does identify any problems with your child’s teeth, you may need to come back for future appointments–and you’d rather not have to take care of them while your child is in school. Instead, go ahead and schedule that initial appointment so that your child’s teeth will be in great shape by the time the school year starts.

4. Let that great little smile shine bright in all your First Day of School pictures.

That first day of school is coming up before you know it–and you want your little one’s smile to shine out brightly. Scheduling that important pre-kindergarten dental visit can help protect your child’s smile, ensuring that it shines bright in all of those cherished photos.

Are you ready to schedule an appointment for your little one? Contact us at Kids Dental Group today to learn more. We proudly serve the Markham, Richmond Hill, and Stouffville areas and look forward to caring for your child’s oral health needs as they grow.

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