How to Protect Your Kids’ Teeth This Holiday Season

How to Protect Your Kids’ Teeth This Holiday Season

The holiday season really is the most wonderful time of the year! You get family time, great food and treats, and of course, gifts! This year’s events may look a bit different, but one thing that should not change is your child’s good oral health. With all the delicious treats, there is more temptation for your child to indulge. At Kid’s Dental Group, we want to ensure that your child’s oral health remains a priority. Here are some helpful tips from our team of pediatric professionals!

Consider Healthier Snacks

It is not news that sugary snacks can lead to cavities. Healthy snacks do not necessarily mean to grab something with natural sugars. The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) notes that natural sugars can be just as harmful to teeth as refined and processed sugars. When considering healthy snacks for your child, look for snacks that:

  • Are not acidic (such as fresh veggies).
  • Contain beneficial minerals like phosphorus and calcium (cheese, yogurt, and nuts).
  • Contain natural antibacterial ingredients (garlic, honey, and ginger).

Practice Moderation

Even adults have their “cheat days” when taking breaks from a healthy regimen. The CDA states that the damage sugar does to teeth depends on how much and how long the sugar sits in the mouth. In the cases when you want to allow your child to have that sugary treat, consider just doing it in one sitting instead of a few throughout the day. Drink water with these snacks as it can help counteract the harmful acid from the sugar!

Make Oral Health Fun!

Children feel more compelled to do mundane tasks when they know an incentive or reward is to follow. Consider gifting them with items that revolve around the theme of oral health this holiday season. Such as tasty floss and toothpaste or an electric toothbrush that lights up. The CDA offers some oral health-themed activities that children can utilize for fun! These are just a few ideas. The critical takeaway is that the child will feel motivated to practice healthy oral health habits.

Make Oral Hygiene a Priority!

Oral hygiene is essential for the holiday season but, furthermore, as a general lifestyle ritual. Flossing and brushing your teeth on the regular is a must for anyone’s oral hygiene routine. When it comes to your child’s dental check-ups, let Kid’s Dental Group take care of that for you. We provide orthodontic and dental care at our Richmond Hill, Markham, and Stouffville locations! Check out our website to find which location is closest to you, and call with any questions! New and existing patients are also welcome to email

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