Five Hygiene Tips for Kids With Braces

Five Hygiene Tips for Kids With Braces

Completing the proper oral hygiene routine twice a day a necessary discipline that every parent should instill in their child. This is especially important for kids who have braces as they can be more prone to certain oral problems. 

At Kids Dental Group, our orthodontic experts, Dr. Antoniazzi and Dr. Lee, are committed to helping your child develop a healthy smile. They are specialized in both early two-phased treatment as well as full comprehensive treatment. Early treatment, normally takes place when a child is around the age of seven to nine. The first phase of treatment helps develop the jaws to accommodate permanent teeth. The second phase ensures that the teeth are well aligned and in harmony with the lips, tongue and underlying jaw structure. 

If your child is currently undergoing orthodontic treatment, our team has provided some tips to help make sure their oral hygiene stays in good standing! 

Place oral care items in the open

By leaving items such as your child’s toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss out in the open, they will be reminded that they have to clean their teeth. Every time they walk into the bathroom will be like a visual alarm that it’s time for oral care! 

Remove elastics before brushing 

The elastic bands on the braces can hinder your child’s access to their teeth, and slow down the process of brushing. Therefore, it is important that your child always removes their elastics before brushing.

Take extra care when brushing and flossing

When undergoing orthodontic treatment, especially with braces, there are more places for food particles to get stuck. It’s important that your child realizes this, and takes the time to thoroughly clean their appliance, teeth and tongue. Flossing also becomes extra important to help release those stubborn food particles. 

Remember to rinse

Rinsing is essential as it helps to get rid of loose food that may have remained in your child’s mouth after brushing. Your child and choose to rinse with water, or a mouthwash recommended by one of our orthodontic specialists. 

Double check in a mirror 

Encourage your child to take a look inside their mouth once they are done with their oral hygiene routine. This way, they can see how well they have cleaned their teeth, and check on any flaws in their orthodontic appliance. 

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