Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Teeth and Gums for Kids

Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Teeth and Gums for Kids

We all know that good oral hygiene is important for your child’s oral health. The other crucial component is their daily diet. The food and drinks your child consumes can have long-term effects on their oral health. Making sure they eat a balanced diet with foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals will help them have healthy teeth and gums. 

Below is a list of vitamins and minerals that should be in your child’s daily diet: 

Vitamin D – helps absorb calcium and keep teeth strong. It also helps to keep your immune system working and fight off disease. Vitamin D is naturally made in our bodies when exposed to sunlight. It can be found in fatty fish such as salmon, mushrooms and added into other items like fortified orange juice. 

Vitamin A – helps your eyes and mouth. It is found in dairy products, meat, sweet potatoes, orange fruits, fish, collard greens, spinach and egg yolks to name a few! 

Vitamin C – helps keep the connective tissues in your gums strong. If the gums are weak they can bleed and your risk for gum disease can increase. 

Calcium – the most essential mineral that makes up your teeth and jawbones. The more calcium – the stronger their teeth will become! Foods and drinks with main sources of calcium include milk, cheese, and yogurt. Other foods that can have calcium are broccoli, kale and most grains. 

Phosphorus – is a big component of the teeth. It works with calcium directly to protect and rebuild tooth enamel. You can find phosphorus in protein-rich foods such as meat, eggs, nuts, vegetables and dairy. 

Iron – helps to maintain healthy levels of red blood cells, working with your immune system to fight off infection and disease. If there is low iron, there is a higher chance of developing oral infections such as gum disease. 

Keep your child’s smile healthy and well-nourished! On top of a healthy diet and good oral hygiene at-home, bring them in for a dental check-up twice a year at Kids Dental Group. Our teams in Richmond Hill, Markham and Stouffville are experienced, skilled and love working with little ones!

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