Night-Time Tips For Healthy Smiles for Kids

Night-Time Tips For Healthy Smiles for Kids

Brushing the teeth before bed is an important part of achieving a healthy and beautiful smile for kids. It’s important to encourage them to make this step a daily habit early on. Our pediatric specialists at Kids Dental Group have a few tips to keep your child’s oral health on track, especially at night-time! 


Have them watch this fun video educating them on how to have a bright smile here

The Right Equipment 

Make sure they have a kids sized toothbrush in good condition (no fraying). Keep it easily accessible and with fluoride toothpaste at hand. Brushing should be supervised by a parent, and a pea-sized amount of toothpaste should be used. Make sure your child does not swallow the toothpaste. 

Help Floss 

Early on, parents can help their child floss their teeth to show them how to do it. A child should start flossing around the age of 4. Once they are older, around the age of 8, they will have more dexterity and can floss with supervision. 

Limit Night-Time Snacks 

Try to avoid having your child snack at night. Each “plaque attack” can last up to 20 minutes after eating a meal or snack. Even a little nibble can create plaque acids in your child’s mouth. After dinner, they should brush their teeth – but no snacking after that! 

Visit Kids Dental Group Regularly! 

Checking in with your child’s dentist will help to keep their smiles strong, healthy and cavity-free. Bring them in to visit our pediatric dentists in Markham, Richmond Hill or Stouffville. We’ll examine their teeth and do a professional cleaning to help keep them on track. Parents are welcome to ask us any questions and we will help to educate your child on healthy at-home habits too. We can’t wait to see you!

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