Pack A Healthy Lunch That Will Make Them Smile!

Pack A Healthy Lunch That Will Make Them Smile!

Back-to-school season is here! When packing a lunch for your kids to take to school, it’s important to consider their oral health. Here are a few ideas from our pediatric dentists at Kids Dental Group! 


Water is always the best beverage for your child’s smile! Try to avoid sugar-filled juices and stick to good old – H20! We suggest using a fun drinking cup with their favourite characters on it to keep them interested. 

Sweet Swap

If your child is craving something sweet, fruit is a much healthier option than sugary snacks. Try cut-up strawberries which can naturally whiten teeth. Another good option is cut-up apples. Apples are fibrous and can help remove any food particles stuck on teeth too. 

Tooth-Friendly Choices

Try packing a lunch with some of these tooth-friendly foods:

Cheese: A great source of calcium, cheese can help strengthen kids’ teeth.

Yogurt: Another good source of calcium, yogurt can also help keep kids’ teeth stay healthy and strong.

Vegetables: Vegetables are packed with nutrients that are good for kids’ teeth and overall health. Try packing carrots, celery, or cucumbers for a healthy lunchtime snack.

Fruit: Fruit is a great source of vitamins and minerals that are good for kids’ teeth. Try packing apples, oranges, or grapes for a healthy and tooth-friendly snack.

Healthy Reminders 

It’s important to make sure your child consumes foods that will help their oral and overall health! Our team at Kids Dental Group is happy to give helpful reminders and suggestions to parents any time! 

Book Back-To-School Check-Ups

Another important way to stay on top of your child’s oral health is to check-in with us biannually at Kids Dental Group. Whether your child goes to school in Stouffville, Richmond Hill and Markham – we are here for you! Our pediatric dentists work with care and compassion for each little patient! We look forward to checking in on those smiles this season. 

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