How Much Does a Children’s Dental Checkup Cost in Toronto?

How Much Does a Children’s Dental Checkup Cost in Toronto?

Regular dental checkups are vital for your child’s oral health and overall development. However, the associated costs of office visits, exams, cleanings, and other preventive procedures can be challenging to anticipate.

In Toronto, dental costs fluctuate based on the clinic, services rendered, and the specific needs and age of the child.

To help you estimate and budget for your child’s routine dental care, here is an overview of the typical price ranges for different checks and services based on age group:

Ranges and Differences in Cost

The price to see a dentist in Toronto can be different. Downtown clinics might come with a premium price tag. But dentists outside the city may charge less, though they might not have all the newest tools.

How long the dentist has been working, how good they are, and how famous their office is can also change the price.

Also, the price can differ if it’s just a routine visit, an emergency, or a particular treatment.

Cost Ranges by Age:

Ages 1-2 years

First dental visit: $0 to $50
Consultation: $0 to $50
Exam: $50 to $150
Fluoride treatment: $20 to $50
Cleaning: Not usually required

Ages 3-6 years

Exam: $80 to $150
X-rays: $80 to $200
Fluoride treatment: $30 to $50
Cleaning: $50 to $150
Sealants: $50 to $100 per tooth

Ages 7-12 years

Exam: $100 to $200
X-rays: $100 to $250
Fluoride treatment: $40 to $60
Cleaning: $80 to $250
Sealants: $50 to $100 per tooth

Ages 13-17 years

Exam: $120 to $220
X-rays: $120 to $300
Fluoride treatment: $50 to $80
Cleaning: $100 to $300
Factors Affecting Price Range

Breakdowns by Different Procedures and Specialties

Beyond the usual checkup, kids might need other things from the dentist:

Cavity Fillings: Even kids who eat healthy food can get holes in their teeth. The price can change based on the type of filling.

Braces Consultations: The dentist can see and tell if the child needs braces later. There are many kinds of braces to choose from.

Advanced Cleanings: Especially for active kids, plaque can build up quickly. They might need their teeth cleaned well. At the same time, kids with braces might need a special cleaning.

Sealants and Fluoride Treatments: These preventive measures can help ward off cavities and strengthen enamel.

What to Expect During the Visit

A typical child’s dental checkup includes four components:

Examination: The dentist checks the teeth, gums, and mouth for any problems
X-rays: These give important views inside the mouth to check dental health.
Cleaning: A hygienist will remove built-up plaque and tartar above and below the gumline.
Consultation: The dentist discusses what they saw and what might need to be done next.

Preventive treatments like sealants or fluoride may also be recommended based on the child’s needs and risk factors.

Any concerns can be addressed right away or scheduled for follow-up care.

Government Programs and Benefits

Going to the dentist can cost a lot. However, the government in Ontario wants to help families. They have special programs to help kids get their teeth checked.

Healthy Smiles Ontario: This program is crucial for families in the province. It’s designed specifically for children 17 and under who come from households with limited incomes.

Under Healthy Smiles, various dental services are covered, from regular checkups to urgent care procedures.

The program has different streams, such as the “Core Services Stream,” which covers standard treatments like fillings, tooth extractions, and preventive services.

There’s also the “Emergency and Essential Services Stream” for kids who need immediate dental attention.

Families can apply for the program online, and once approved, they receive a dental card, which they present to participating dental providers.

Canada Dental Benefit: This benefit has been introduced to further support families. While details might vary, it complements provincial programs like Healthy Smiles.

It aims to provide more comprehensive dental coverage for families, ensuring that children receive the care they need without the financial burden.

The benefit also encourages preventive care, emphasizing the importance of regular checkups and early interventions to avoid complicated procedures in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I prepare my child for their first dental visit?
A: Talk about the visit, read books about it, and role-play going to the dentist.

Q: What’s the role of diet in dental health?
A: Diet plays a pivotal role. Calcium-rich foods strengthen teeth, while limiting sugary snacks reduces cavity risks.

Q: How often should dental checkups occur?
A: Biannual checkups are standard, but your dentist might recommend a different frequency based on individual needs.


While the costs may add up, going to the dentist is essential to keep kids’ teeth healthy.

Ask about ways to pay less or get help from the government or other programs. This way, kids can have healthy teeth and happy smiles!

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