As a parent, you may be worried about your child’s first visit to the orthodontist – we get it. Our orthodontists are parents too! We understand that you and your child need short, simple and effective treatment to suit your busy schedules. With our expertise, early orthodontic treatment procedures can take as little as six months.

Early orthodontic treatment begins by measuring the upper and lower dental arches. This way, we can foresee opportunities to gain space for permanent teeth and hopefully eliminate the need for extractions down the road.

With early observation, our orthodontists will have the opportunity to catch common problems such as cross bites, crowding, spacing, over bites and narrow jaws before they worsen or become permanent. This thorough planning and attention to detail are key factors that you can expect from our our orthodontists apart and helps to create an unmatched experience for your child.

So, when should you bring your child to the orthodontist?

The Canadian and American Association of Orthodontists recommends seeing a kid’s orthodontist by the age of seven so any oral problems could be spotted early. There aren’t any fixed rules regarding the age of a kid when it comes to the first visit to the orthodontist. Some children require orthodontic services at a young age, while others can do without orthodontic treatment until they are teenagers.

By meeting your child at the age of seven, the orthodontists can begin to build a a great relationship with your child which impacts the overall amazing patient experience that Kids Dental is known for. We also offer a complimentary monitoring program that we are very proud of. Your child will benefit because they have an orthodontists monitoring their growth and development and you as a parent will benefit because with each visit you learn more about the orthodontic process so that when it’s time you will be able to make educated decisions regarding your child’s orthodontic needs.