As a teen considering braces, you likely have a lot of questions – especially about how braces will affect your life and appearance. Our orthodontists know all about teen braces and will ensure that you are ecstatic about your smile by the time your treatment is complete.

What if you could get a great smile without sacrificing your look and busy schedule?

At Kids Dental Group, our teen orthodontic treatments make this possible. We believe every teen deserves to feel confident in their smile and appearance. That’s why our orthodontics for teens are much less bulky and visible than the braces of the past.

Teen orthodontic treatment will usually begin when you are between the ages of 12 and 16 and almost all of your permanent teeth have come in. By this time, bone and jaw structure have sufficiently formed, allowing your orthodontist to easily detect bite and alignment issues.

Regardless of your orthodontic concerns, our orthodontists offer a variety of treatment plans to suit your lifestyle. We will work with you to select the perfect orthodontic plan and provide you with the tools and instructions to create the results you dream of.

Achieve your perfect smile today.