Teen Orthodontist Near Me

Teen Orthodontist Near Me

Many teens who need braces are eager to get them. They are tired of hiding their smile and want to feel more confident. Some teens also understand how misaligned teeth can negatively impact their oral health.

Unfortunately, not all teens are that willing or forward thinking. They need braces but refuse to have them put on. Understanding why your teen is hesitant is key to convincing them of the benefits of braces.

Reasons Teens Don’t Want Braces

Ask your teen what’s holding them back from getting braces. Just lending a supportive ear can get to the root of the problem.

Teens may not want braces because they’re self-conscious of how they’ll look, they don’t want to give up favourite foods, or they’re overwhelmed by the ongoing maintenance. Meeting with an orthodontist who works with teens can help alleviate your teen’s fears.

Whatever their fears are, remind them that braces are temporary. One or two years can seem like an eternity to a young person. But when their orthodontic treatment is done, they will probably be surprised at how fast it went!

The Benefits of Teen Orthodontics

There are several benefits to teen orthodontics. Typically, the younger a person is the shorter their treatment time will be. If they wait until they are an adult, there’s a good chance they’ll have to wear braces for a longer period of time.

And orthodontic problems don’t resolve on their own. Any problems your teen is having may only get worse.

Lastly, remind your teen that you are paying for braces. If they wait until they are an adult, it’s an expense they’ll be responsible for! At Kids Dental Group, we think that when it comes to braces, there is no reason for teens to wait.

Teen Orthodontist Near Me

If you need help convincing your teen to get braces, please contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our three locations: Richmond Hill, Markham, and Stouffville. We work with teens all the time. Sometimes, it just takes someone other than mom or dad to do the talking.

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