Healthy & Sweet Summer Treats That Are Kid Approved!

Healthy & Sweet Summer Treats That Are Kid Approved!

Summer has finally arrived which means it’s time for days spent in the sun, plus all those fun summer snacks. At Kids Dental Group, we know how much your kids love to enjoy a sweet treat on a hot summer day, but too much sugar can start to impact their overall oral health. To help maintain your family’s dental health while giving your kids snacks they’ll love, we’ve put together this quick list of sweet, but healthy summer treats you and your kids will enjoy.

Sweet Treats for Healthy Teeth

The types of foods your children are eating can have a big impact on the overall health of their teeth. It’s important for your children to eat a balanced diet to keep their teeth strong. Providing your kids with healthy snacks like small boxes of cereal, fruits (apples are a great sweet option!), or carrot sticks is a great way to make sure they are staying healthy during the summer. If you have a child undergoing orthodontic treatment, consider softer snacks like cheese cubes that will be gentler on sore teeth. Soft fruits like bananas can also be another sweet option for sore teeth.

Between meals, encourage your children to drink plenty of water. It’s easy to become dehydrated spending time outside. Frequent consumption of soda, energy drinks, and other drinks with high sugar content and acidity can have disastrous effects on dental health over time. For a special treat, consider making a pitcher of infused water. It gives your kids a sweet drink to enjoy without the extreme effects on their teeth and overall health. Plus, nothing is more refreshing than a cold glass of water infused with cucumber.

Don’t Forget Your Back to School Dental Visit

At Kids Dental Group we know your children’s oral hygiene is important. Even with these tips, your children still need to visit the dentist to make sure their teeth are staying clean and healthy. Planning a visit before school starts up again is a great way to ensure your family’s teeth are taken care of before your schedule gets busier. Dr. Zee, Dr. Heder, Dr. Lee, Dr. Antoniazzi, and the rest of our amazing team are here to make sure your children’s teeth stay healthy. Come visit our Richmond Hill, Markham, or Stouffville locations for both orthodontic and dental care. New and existing patients are welcome to send an email to for more information.

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