Do Children Need Nerve Treatment (Root Canals)?

There are specific situations when a baby tooth may require a nerve treatment, similar to a root canal. Nerve treatments are effective and safe treatment to ease pain and prevent the spread of decay in a tooth. Nevertheless, if a nerve treatment is suggested for your child, you may ask why: Baby teeth will fall out in a couple of years so why do children need nerve treatment similar to a root canal?

Primary or baby teeth start to exfoliate between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. For this reason, parents often wonder why a dentist sometimes recommend nerve treatment for their children’s teeth. Sparing your children’s baby teeth until it reaches the exact period where it should shed is important. Instead of losing their baby teeth due to infection or trauma, a nerve treatment is performed to preserve a baby tooth until they normally get loose, shed and get replaced by an adult tooth. This baby tooth is then available for function making it easier for your child to eat and it will hold the space for the developing adult tooth.

Baby teeth are as vital as permanent teeth, so when your children’s teeth are painful, inflamed, sensitive or cracked with the pulp exposed, it’s important to see a dentist as soon as possible.

Nerve treatment for children is done through the method called pulpotomy. Pulpotomy is a procedure where the infected or damaged nerve of the tooth is removed. Your child’s dentist usually eliminates the surface nerve structure in the chamber of the pulp. When the damaged pulp is removed, a baby crown may be placed on the tooth to make it stronger and protect it. This crown will naturally shed along with the baby tooth when the permanent teeth start to grow.

Children’s dental conditions sometimes warrant a pulpotomy or pulpectomy nerve treatment. It is safe and recommended by many pediatric dentists. If you have any questions regarding nerve treatments for your child’s teeth or your child’s dental health, you can contact our pediatric dentists in Stouffville, Richmond Hill, and Markham.

– The Kids Dental Group Team

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