Kids’ Snacks That Are Good for Teeth

Kids’ Snacks That Are Good for Teeth

Are your kids eating more snacks at home these days because they are staying home from school? With schools closed and everyone practicing social distancing to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, kids have access to snacks almost around the clock. While snacking is fine, it’s important to choose healthy snacks that are good for their teeth. Here are our top tips for kids’ snacking.

1. Try to limit snacking. Although healthy between-meal snacks are fine for kids to eat, most children don’t need to eat all day. If you find your children are eating more than usual, they may just be bored. Provide activities for them to keep them active and engaged.

2. Offer dairy snacks. Dairy-based snacks like yogurt and cheese are good choices. Not only do they contain calcium, which helps strengthen teeth, but many kids like at least one snack in this category: yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese cubes, cheese sticks, and the like. If you choose yogurt, look for varieties that are low in sugar.

3. Provide fruits and vegetables. These foods are usually filling because they are high in fibre, so your kids might not be tempted to eat too much of them (like they might with a bag of chips). Celery with cream cheese or nut butter, sliced fruit like apples or pears, and whole fruits like oranges and bananas are good choices. If fresh fruit isn’t available, fruit in cans or jars is a good substitute — look for fruit packed in water rather than syrup.

4. Make sure they brush and floss. Even though they are healthy, some fruits and vegetables (like celery and oranges, for example), can get stuck in teeth. Kids may need to floss after snacking. Plus, keeping their usual routines will help kids feel like their lives haven’t completely turned upside down in these uneasy times.

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